Stay in Rome near the most important hospitals in the capital

Book a room or apartment near San Giovanni, Celio and Britannico hospitals

To stay close to those who are hospitalized in one of Rome’s hospitals near the center or for you who need to have a place to perform a specific therapy within a short distance, Bellezza al Colosseo offers you comfortable B&B rooms or apartments tastefully furnished and equipped with all comforts. The Eternal City has top-notch healthcare facilities in the area, including San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital, the Celio Military Polyclinic and the British Hospital.

Considering the continuous flow of patients and companions, our facilities are available for short or long stays, either for a family member or friend accompanying the patient or for the patient himself who is looking for a place to stay in Rome near the hospitals.

In addition to the serenity of relying on state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, it is important for patients to have loved ones close by or to have a quiet and comfortable place that, temporarily, can be called home. Our proposals for your stay in Rome:

Top hospitals near Bellezza al Colosseo guest houses and B&Bs

All Bellezza al Colosseo facilities are located near the hospitals of:

  • San Giovanni Addolorata (Via dell’Amba Aradam, 8) is one of the largest hospital complexes in Italy. It consists of various departments, including a Women’s Health area, department for diagnostics, cardiac, ophthalmology, laboratory areas, etc.
  • Policlinico Militare di Roma – Celio (Piazza Celimontana, 50) is considered the hospital hub par excellence for the Army Health Corps and all Armed Forces. It provides care for military personnel deployed at home and in operations abroad.
  • Presidio Ospedaliero Britannico (Via Santo Stefano Rotondo, 6) has the latest technology for both diagnosis and treatment of severely disabling visual impairments.

For more information on costs and reservations, you can contact us and request the room or apartment closest to the Rome hospital you need.

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