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Itinerary to discover the medieval and modern Rome


Discovering some fascinating monuments that are located in this period City of ancient History, Rome is famous in the world for its many monuments and archaeological sites but, like other cities that have a long history, even the Capital has many faces. In fact, with the passing of centuries every age has left its imprint. In particular, walking around the city you can admire fascinating monuments dating back to the medieval and modern period, testimony of a less distant past but not for this less interesting. The itinerary guides the visitor to the discovery of some of the most [...]

Itinerary to discover the medieval and modern Rome2021-11-09T10:28:16+00:00

The path of the papal way


The journey accomplished in the past by the popes, following their election The way of the papal way is a fascinating pedestrian itinerary that guides visitors to the discovery of churches and monuments of Rome. It is the path accomplished in the past by the popes following their election and taking possession of Rome as Bishops of the city. The itinerary starts from the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano to the Basilica of St. Peter and vice versa, passing through Via dei Santi Quattro, the Colosseum, Via dei Fori Imperiali and the Prison Mamertino. A religious path, without any [...]

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Itinerary to discover Bernini’s masterpieces in Rome


A series of masterpieces absolutely not to be missed Architect, painter and perhaps the greatest sculptor of the Seventeenth century, Giovan Lorenzo Bernini, better known as Gian Lorenzo Bernini, is considered by all as the greatest protagonist of the Baroque figurative culture. His wonderful works have marked the artistic history of the Roman seventeenth century and from him Rome has acquired the baroque aspect that is still possible to admire walking around the city. Our proposed itinerary guides the tourist between the streets and the squares of Rome on the traces of Bernini, discovering some of his most famous works. [...]

Itinerary to discover Bernini’s masterpieces in Rome2021-11-09T10:31:43+00:00

Itinerary to discover The Ancient Rome


A series of monuments from the Millenary history... Rome is a city of millenary history and every corner conceals secrets and fascinating places, some of which are less known but not less interesting. Strolling through its streets you can stumble on interesting and evocative monuments from the very ancient origins. The itinerary guides the tourist to the discovery of some monuments of ancient Rome, some visible also from the outside, others open only by reservation and for groups. The first stage of our itinerary is the Mausoleum del Monte del Grano in Piazza dei Tribunali, one of the largest burial [...]

Itinerary to discover The Ancient Rome2021-11-09T10:27:15+00:00

Itinerary: Discovering Secret Rome


An unusual walking in Rome, away from the crowed and most touristic places In every city there are less famous places that escape the eyes of tourists and curiosity that only few know, but a city like Rome, so large and from the millenary history, has a large number of them. Here is a fascinating itinerary to discover a secret and unusual Rome, away from the most crowded and touristic places. The first stage is the historic Palazzetto Zuccari in Piazza Trinità dei Monti, popularly called the House of Monsters. Built in Baroque style in 1592 on a project by [...]

Itinerary: Discovering Secret Rome2021-11-09T10:30:24+00:00

Itinerary to discover Caravaggio’s masterpieces in Rome


A large number of beautiful paintings absolutely not to be missed Considered one of the greatest artists of all times, Michelangelo Merisi, better known as the Caravaggio, has realized in his life a large number of masterpieces that have had a strong influence on Baroque painting. Here is a fascinating itinerary for those who want to discover the most important and famous works of Caravaggio in Rome. The itinerary starts from the Capitoline Museums, the oldest public museum in the world, founded in 1471 by Sixtus IV. Inside, in the Capitoline Gallery, there are two splendid paintings by Caravaggio: “Saint [...]

Itinerary to discover Caravaggio’s masterpieces in Rome2021-11-09T10:28:58+00:00

A magnificent imperial residence within walking distance of our B&Bs


Visiting the Nero Imperial Palace with the virtual reality 200 metres away from our B&Bs Bellezza al Colosseo and Colosseum Tearrace Suite, there is one of the most interesting “hidden” monument of Rome. Hidden because it is underground; but let’s procede with order…. After the terrible fire of 64 A.D., the previous house of Nero that occupied the area of the Esquilino Hill burned entirely and consequently Nerone ordered to build the largest of the imperial dwellings, the "Domus Aurea" (The Golden House). This series of huge palaces stretched for an area of about 80 hectares and occupied a [...]

A magnificent imperial residence within walking distance of our B&Bs2021-11-09T10:24:54+00:00

Santo Stefano Rotondo


A charming church close to Bellezza al Colosseo B&B and to Colosseum Terrace Suite The church of Santo Stefano Rotondo al Celio About 250 meters from our Bed & Breakfast there is one of the oldest, most fascinating (and lesser known) churches of Rome. It is one of the very few circular churches in Rome and only for this is worth the visit. Founded by Pope Simplicio between 468 and 483 D. C., in antiquity had a circular plant with three concentric circles, the first of 22 meters in diameter, the second of 42 and the third of 66 [...]

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Special offer B&B near FAO headquarters at colosseum


Special offer B&B near FAO headquarters at Colosseum LUXURY B&B WITH DISCOUNTED OFFER CLOSE TO FAO Luxury B&B with offer near FAO Headquarters in Rome Colosseum If you have a meeting or you have to attend a conference at FAO, take advantage of the offer-10% on any web rate B&B Colosseum Suite Bellezza al Colosseum and Colosseum Terrace Suite are two B&B of charm very close to FAO Headquarters. Our charming guest house in the centre of Rome is characterized by the modern design and equipped with all the comforts necessary for a comfortable [...]

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