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The basilica of Santa Maria in Navicella


Santa Maria in Domnica, also known as Santa Maria alla navicella It is a basilica in Rome. It stands on the top of the Celio hill, in the current Piazza della Navicella. It is the seat of the Titulus S. Mariae in Domnica, established in 678 by Pope Agathon. The attribute “in Domnica” has been the subject of different interpretations. One derives it from dominicum, “of the Lord”. Another refers to the name of Ciriaca, a woman who lived near the church, and whose name would have meant "belonging to the Lord". The alternative attribute "alla navicella" refers to [...]

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The basilica of San Clemente


This historic basilica is located just 200 meters from the B&B Colosseum Suite The Basilica of San Clemente is one of the most important in Rome, not only from an artistic point of view but also from a historical point of view because it well represents a city that was built in overlapping layers. It is located about three hundred meters beyond the Colosseum, on the slightly uphill road that leads to San Giovanni in Laterano. It takes its name from Pope St. Clement, third successor of St. Peter, who died around the year 100 AD. Until a hundred years ago it was the [...]

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